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Reaching a decision on which type of wood to select can become overwhelming. However, Premiere has simplified this process by establishing product levels that express the features and benefits of each product within each grouping. You can see and feel the actual differences between each product, therefore helping you understand the added value from level to level.


If your budget calls for a cost-effective flooring, there's several laminate selections you can choose from. Quality of our installation through the effective install management and highly skilled installers is paramount to you, our customer.


Premiere stays ahead of the trends and offer a vast array of today's styles, designs, colors and sizes to fit any level of budget and design your company needs. Whether it be a basic ceramic tile or an assortment of highly styled tiles, deco's, inserts, listels, glass, or metallics, our design staff will make sure your product desires are satisfied. From a technical perspective, Premiere follows the strict industry guidelines, and sets the bar high by providing you the finest products within the industry - constantly striving to improve upon that.


The strength of our company is its service and our commitment to do the job correctly. Our labor force is comprised of highly skilled and experienced carpet installers, each striving to deliver excellent work, on time, every time. To insure quality and service in the field, our staff of carpet field service supervisors oversee, as well as direct and manage the crews throughout the day. Each of these supervisors is an experienced, accomplished floor man with the knowledge and the skills to keep the jobs on the right path.